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The LGBTQ Community and Catholicism: Not Quite a Love Story


If you had walked into Loyola University’s McCormick Lounge last Thursday, you would’ve seen a video of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” playing on a projector. You also would have heard Paul Kubicki, a junior majoring in Philosophy, say, “This is the beacon of gay theology.”

Advocate, Loyola’s LGBTQA organization, was having its weekly meeting. The dichotomy of the LGBTQ community and the Catholic Church is one that has been bridged in many liberal places like Loyola. However, since conservative Pope Benedict XVI took over in 2005, even places like Loyola are in danger. This is a pope who once said gay marriage undermined “the future of humanity itself.”

Kubicki summed it up simply by saying, “This pope sucks.”

Because of progressive theologies, some universities are being stripped of their Catholic affiliations. The Vatican did this to Pontifical Catholic University in Peru over the summer. What it all comes down to is scripture, and how strict the Magisterium’s interpretation is at the time.

Father John Kartje, the chaplain and director of Northwestern University’s Sheil Catholic Center, said that although revelation is continually unfolding, the Church’s doctrines have always been grounded in scripture,

At the end of the day, I don’t try to pretend that we’ll have a deeper conversation,” Kartje said. The Catholic Church overall says homosexuality to the length of complete intimacy isn’t coherent with the understanding of sacramental marriage.”

A Story of Resistance

Standing firm by that conviction is Notre Dame University, which is still debating whether or not a gay straight alliance should be allowed on campus. In fact Notre Dame still doesn’t include sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination clause.

Nathan Lamp, a sophomore transfer to Northwestern from Notre Dame, was involved in the movement to change these policies. Four out of five people between the ages of 18 and 30 support gay rights, and so their organization was named The 4 to 5 Movement. They pushed for recognition of a gay straight alliance and for sexual orientation to be included in the nondiscrimination clause.

“It’s hard to feel accepted…when there’s that kind of institutional un-acceptance of the LGBTQ community,” Lamp said.

He helped plan events, collect petitions and organize rallies to change the un-acceptance, especially the nondiscrimination clause.

The state of Indiana does not require universities to have nondiscrimination clauses that include sexual orientation. Lamp said Notre Dame feels they shouldn’t have to do anything unless forced to do so.

“There’s no reason to stop them from expelling a student or firing a faculty member because of that person’s sexuality or gender identity,” Lamp said.

Illinois, on the other hand, requires institutions to include sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination clauses, which explains the policies of Catholic institutions DePaul University and Loyola.

A Story of Discrimination

Loyola University is a Jesuit institution, which are typically known to be the most liberal of the Catholic schools. Advocate leader and senior Travis Olson said he didn’t even consider the religious aspect of Loyola when deciding whether or not to attend.

“I heard about it as a gay school before I really knew what it meant to be a Catholic school,” Olson said.

Despite being in a more open environment than that of Notre Dame, Olson said Advocate is under strict scrutiny. There has especially been controversy over Advocate’s annual drag show, which places the LGBTQ community on a big, public stage. Olson said this scrutiny is good for students because they learn how to speak about their cause and how to defend themselves.

“It prepares students better for the real world,” Olson said.

This real world consists of organizations like the Cardinal Newman Society, a Catholic organization strongly in support of conservative values. The society has been outspoken in its opposition to Loyola’s annual drag show.

Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick J. Reilly wrote to Loyola’s President, “Events like this not only undermine the sacred trust parents have in Loyola University, but may lead to serious personal and social problems caused by confusion about sexuality. Drag shows debase the human person and are an affront to Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person.”

Yet another conservative group, TFP Student Action, is targeting Catholic universities that have gay straight alliances. On their website, they list the 111 Catholic institutions that have clubs and ask viewers to register a protest. The site also includes posts about the nature of homosexuality and how it is affecting the Church.

One such post, subtitled “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing,” said, “Homosexual predators, calling themselves ‘Catholic’ while violating the most basic norms of Christian morals, further the ‘auto-demolition’ of the Church.”

Out of Touch           

Groups like these that are Pope Benedict XVI’s major supporters are not in the majority, but they are loud.

“This pope is extremely conservative and he’s completely out of touch with the views of most Catholics,” Kubicki said.

In truth many Catholics are supportive of gay rights. A recent study by Pew Research Center shows 46 percent of Catholics support gay marriage, which makes Catholicism one of the most supportive religious sects. The study does clarify that the increased acceptance came from those who did not attend church frequently.

There are still pockets of conservatism like Notre Dame where gay marriage and gay rights are peripherally discriminated against. Father Kartje has experienced parishes like this.

“There would be things like LGBT prayers groups wanting to get together…these were people saying we want to try to live out this life,” Kartje said. “And then flyers were getting ripped down or ugly things being written on them.”

Although Kartje said these people were in the minority, he does believe that Catholics need to “belly up to the bar” and live out the teachings of treating the LGBTQ community as neighbors.

A Conclusion of Disillusion

Nathan Lamp transferred from Notre Dame because he did not feel supported there. And after 14 years of Catholic school, he says he doesn’t feel fully supported in the Church.

“Because of the way I’m seeing church officials treat issues around sexuality, I can’t say I feel super comfortable staying with the Church,” Lamp said.

Travis Olson has a gay friend who has wanted to be a Catholic priest since having a vision of Jesus at age eight. And now he’s experiencing one of the greatest struggles of his life as he considers leaving the church. Olson doesn’t understand why he hasn’t left already.

“I just question, why do you stay? Why do you torture yourself this way?” Olson asked.

Father Kartje hopes the Catholic Church will begin to live out its teachings more strongly and actually support the LGBTQ community, even if they don’t support their expression of love.

“What I think rarely gets mentioned is that far more heterosexuals are not living out the teachings of the Church than homosexuals.”






One Million Bones

Students gathered round a long table in an art room at Norris University Center. As they molded gray, cool clay in their hands, they laughed, chatted and even ate cookie

From the mood in the room, you’d think they were gathered for a party.

In a way they were. But the objects they were sculpting were contradictory to the festive environment.

There were bones in their hands, on the tables and on the trays.

Members of the Rotaract Club, an organization that stresses both community and international service, gathered last Thursday to sculpt as many clay bones as possible for a project called One Million Bones.

Schools and groups around the country are contributing bones that represent all the people who have been killed or displaced because of genocide in Somalia, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burma. This spring the bones will make their way to DC to be displayed on the National Mall.

Rotaract Co-Presidents Eileen Dominic and Adriana Stanovici chose to participate because the club has a strong tradition of international aid, including a spring break trip to a foreign country each year.

“I think that it’s harder to remember sometimes that people are struggling farther away,” Dominic said. “But everyone here is obviously doing something.”

About 20 students came to the meeting, where they talked about genocide and watched a documentary while crafting. Stanovici said the event was one of the first of the quarter open to non-members.

“I’m really excited about seeing new faces who don’t normally show up at Rotaract meetings. And doing something fun hands-on and at the same time learning why we’re doing this,” Stanovici said.

The hands-on aspect of the activity was extremely moving for some participants.  Undecided freshman Emiliano Vera was there to help and said the sculpting put the horrors of genocide in perspective for him.

“If you’re holding a bone in your hand, you can imagine that this is someone’s bone,” Vera said. “And the fact that we’re making a million of them…that’s still an underestimation of all the people who have died.”

And for each of those one million bones, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $1 to support victims of humanitarian crises in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The project came to Northwestern’s Rotaract Club from Bronte Price, a sophomore studying art and photography at Columbia College. Price became involved after she took a class freshman year with Columbia’s faculty head of the project.

“I didn’t know anything about genocide besides the Holocaust and Cambodia,” Price said. “When I started getting involved and learning about all of these things, it was overwhelming.”

She threw herself into the project and was named the state representative for Illinois. One of Price’s favorite parts of the project is the art itself.

“For an artist it’s just the best feeling to actually be able to use art to change something,” Price said.

Price has a team of six who work closely with her, but there are an additional 15 to 20 who help make bones. Up until this fall, the group made 25,000, and they’ve made 7,000 more since the school year began.

In the spring Price will make the trip to Washington, D.C. to see the bones arranged, and she knows exactly how she’ll feel about her accomplishment.

“It’s going to be the most powerful thing I’ve ever done.”