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Brown Elephant Resale Shops Provide Funding to LGBT Patients

The Howard Brown Health Center provides health and social services, including HIV prevention and treatment, to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients, over 50 percent of whom are uninsured. HBHC receives about $1 million of funding from three donation-based Brown Elephant resale shops in Chicago and Oak Park, Ill. Andersonville is home to the largest of the three, located near the corner of Clark Street and Balmoral Avenue.

A Religious Embrace, Unexpected

By Gabi P. Remz

George Garcia was shocked to see a man he recognized walking in.

“Can I get some of these?” the man asked, pointing to a large crate of condoms just past the door.

“We can give you boxes full,” Garcia said, before walking to the storage room at the Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) in Edgewater, where he has volunteered for six years.

Garcia returned to the lobby and handed the man four large boxes.

The man thanked Garcia and walked out. Garcia stood still, astonished.

By most standards, Garcia’s exchange at TPAN was quite typical. The clinic serves people with HIV, and Garcia estimated that TPAN distributes more than 1,000 condoms a day.

But the reason for Garcia’s surprise was simple: the man was no ordinary client.
He was a pastor, leading a church just a few blocks away.

“Religious groups…they don’t want me to bring condoms into church,” Garcia said. “It’s just their belief.”

Lately, though, churches and synagogues are working to prove statements like Garcia’s wrong, just as the pastor did three weeks ago. In Edgewater today, religious groups’ cooperation with the HIV positive community is not hidden or taboo—it is a significant aspect of their charitable work.

And many religious leaders say there is little option but to embrace the HIV positive community. Nearly two percent of Edgewater’s more than 56,000 residents are HIV positive, compared to the national average of .02 percent, according to a Chicago Department of Public Health report. That population, compounded with Edgewater’s large and vocal LGBT community, makes HIV causes a priority.

“[HIV] is one of those issues that’s kind of a no-brainer. Of course we want people to be tested, we want people to know their status, we want to support research,” said Rev. Monte Johnson, a pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

And so, churches and synagogues scattered throughout Edgewater act accordingly.

Johnson said he encourages and supports the many members of his congregation who volunteer or donate to HIV-focused charities, like Center on Halsted (an LGBT community center) and the Brown Elephant (a second-hand store whose proceeds go towards an HIV clinic).

That support strikes extremely close to Johnson, as his wife, Kari, has been heavily involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS. In July, she participated in the Ride for AIDS Chicago, a 2-day, 200-mile bike ride. Kari raised more than $1,000 for AIDS research—money she gathered mostly from members of her congregation. Immanuel’s choir director, Scott Weidler, led Kari’s support staff at the event.

“We have a large amount of support in our congregation for gay and lesbian rights, so [AIDS research] was a pretty easy cause to sell to them,” said Kari, who has been married to Monte for eight years.

Immanuel is under the auspices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which recognizes gay marriages, ordains openly gay clergy and is considered one of the more liberal religious governing bodies in the United States.

Still, Johnson emphasized the fact that his church does not work with HIV-focused organizations in any official capacity—because that, he said, might be pushing his congregants too far.

Andy Shedd is an associate pastor at Edgewater Baptist Church, which preaches an official policy of sex as being only between man and woman.

However, Shedd said his congregation has several openly gay members and pointed to a congregant who had a long battle with AIDS in the mid ‘90s, causing the community to come together and discuss how to fight the disease. Since then, members have been encouraged to volunteer and donate to local charities, which can include LGBT and HIV positive-focused organizations, though they are not specifically directed there.

“We don’t have an official…relationship with anyone from [the LGBT and HIV positive] communities,” said Shedd, who has been a member of Edgewater Baptist his entire life. “But our hope is that our congregation reflects our community.”

But some, like Pastor Michael Fick of Ebenezer Lutheran Church, have actively sought to bring the HIV positive community to the congregation.

Fick, who is openly gay, has been at Ebenezer for less than a year, but in that time, he has created a series of initiatives to serve the LGBT and HIV positive communities. About a third of Ebenezer is LGBT, according to Fick, and many volunteer at the Center on and the Brown Elephant. The church also sends volunteers to support groups for LGBT youth.

“We try to be open to what’s important to people in our community and to make sure we’re reflecting all of our values,” Fick said. “Certainly one of our values is offering spaces and creating opportunity for engagement.”

Fick points to the church’s free HIV testing program as a major step. Ebenezer has several members who are openly HIV positive, and so when Center on Halsted approached Fick about teaming up to offer free and confidential testing, congregants gave their full support.

Fick believes hosting the tests in a religious environment sends a message of support difficult to find elsewhere.

“[The HIV tests] would be something unexpected in a church, based on the experiences that some people in our congregation had at other communities,” Fick said. “Being that [those communities] were antithetical not only to LGBT people, but in particular to people who are HIV positive.”

Similarly strong support comes from Congregation Or Chadash, a Reform synagogue that describes itself on its website as “serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual Jews, their families, friends and loved ones.”

Or Chadash’s rabbi, Larry Edwards, said his congregation has frequent programming at Center on Halsted, and congregants view the AIDS Run and Walk Chicago as one of the year’s most important events.

“Those issues are front and center, they’re our priorities,” Edwards said. “AIDS and HIV are a real part of our communal memory and the present consciousness of many, many of our members.”

Representatives from several Edgewater Catholic churches and the Ismaili Center, a Shi’a Muslim congregation, declined comment for this story.

All of this leads back to Garcia, who said he was scolded by clergy at various churches in other parts of Chicago for asking if he could distribute condoms to members. Eventually, Garcia, who is gay and became infected with HIV in 1991, became less involved with religion.

But when Garcia saw the pastor take condoms from TPAN that day, he was reminded of an important message, one that he was thrilled to see religious groups in Edgewater take quite seriously.

“I cannot stop people from having sex,” Garcia said. “What I can stop them from is giving the disease they have to others.”

Falling Behind: the lack of progress in eradicating HIV from the United States

By Jenny Starrs

Joy Morris has seen the many changes in the HIV epidemic firsthand. Morris, a transgender Chicago native, was officially diagnosed in 1986.

“Back then, HIV had high prevalence and incidence rates within the white MSM [men who have sex with other men] populations, so there were a lot of white MSMs and I think I was the only trans woman going to the [counseling] group,” Morris said, referring to the support services she went to in the 1980s and 1990s. “There were a few African American women, there were a few black guys, but for the most part it was mostly white gay men. And a lot of those kids died. I saw them die.”

Morris is one in the growing ranks of individuals who are, as she put it, simply “getting old with HIV.” As medication, prevention methods and counseling services have increased in effectiveness, being HIV positive has transformed from a death sentence to a manageable disease. But with this transformation comes a new Pandora’s box of problems.


While new treatment methods, such as highly active antiretroviral therapy, have raised the life expectancy for American citizens living with HIV, infection rates have yet to decrease.

“In the United States, there are 50,000 new HIV infections every year. That has not changed for many years,” Dr. Eric Christoff said. Christoff is an HIV specialist with the Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group and has worked in this field since the 1990s. This unchanging incidence rate puts the U.S. behind many other developed nations, according to UNAIDS data documenting HIV infection rates from 2001 to 2011.

Ramon Gardenhire, the director of government relations at the Aids Foundation of Chicago, points out the disconnect between testing and care as one reason for this stability in numbers, instead of the decrease that most other Western countries are experiencing today. Out of the approximately 1.2 million Americans estimated to be HIV positive by the Federal HIV/AIDS Web Council at, only 46 percent are regularly receiving treatment.

“This is significant because new research (from the HIV Prevention Trials study 052) came out this year which showed that individuals who are actually linked in to care and taking their HIV medications are 96 percent less likely to transmit the virus to someone else,” Gardenhire said. “So that 50 percent not being linked in to care not only has a detrimental impact on their quality of life and their healthcare, but also their ability to transmit the virus to other people.”


So in a country with the highest GDP ranking in the world, how can half of HIV positive citizens not regularly receive medical treatment? Between stringent Medicaid qualifications and complex insurance companies’ policies, one problem stands out: rising infections within minority communities.

“There’s been a transition in who gets the disease over this time frame,” Christoff said. “A lot of these patients are trending to being a bit younger and they’re a lot more African American and Hispanic and other minority groups than they are Caucasian, generally speaking.”

Leon Lieberman, 82, is an HIV positive activist who has seen this growth through his work with the Aids Legal Council of Chicago, and perhaps the reason behind it.

“In some societies, some communities, there are still stigmas. People are reluctant to be tested. If they are tested and they’re diagnosed with HIV, they’re reluctant to seek treatment because then it will be a known thing,” Lieberman said. This stigma is alive and well among young black MSMs, who have the highest incidence rates of all other population groups. Because of the correlation in the minds of many between HIV and perceived gay promiscuity, being tested and/or treated for the infection pushes individuals into the scrutiny of, and often rejection from, their communities.

While HIV incidence rates have remained stable in the U.S., that isn’t the case for these at-risk groups. “The numbers for new infections have somewhat been stagnant over the last few years except there was an uptick in young black MSMs,” Gardenhire said.


The current healthcare system has yet to put forth solutions to face these rising infections. With the healthcare overhaul imminent and hopeful in the eyes of those like Christoff and Gardenhire, there are still gaps in what the government can realistically accomplish.

“There’s just a lot of people not having access to high quality healthcare providers in their community,” Gardenhire said. “You want to make sure you go to a provider that’s culturally competent and can understand the issues.”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act cannot ensure the implementation of these programs vital to the young black and Hispanic MSM communities, especially with questions of funding facing the new system. Organizations such as the AFC fund community-based clinics and groups throughout the city, which is where many in these high prevalence groups find the help they need.

            Test Positive Aware Network, a free HIV/AIDS clinic in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, is one of these organizations. Since their early beginnings 25 years ago, they have seen this change in affected individuals just as Morris, one of their clients, has. Edgewater is the second highest incidence area of HIV/AIDS in Chicago, one of the cities with the highest rates in the country. To face the growing needs of a harder-to-reach community, TPAN has expanded its services past its own walls at 5537 N. Broadway St.


“We go to the bath houses, we go to bars, street festivals, sometimes we go to the ballroom scene,” said Bill Farrand, TPAN’s CEO. “We do around 2500 tests a year.” In addition to HIV tests, TPAN offers many peer-led support services and works to protect the anonymity of their patients, which helps many of those afraid of being identified as HIV positive. Morris is just one of many who take advantage of TPAN’s easily accessible services. She has been with TPAN since her diagnosis, and has seen the changing faces of those sitting around her in the support group she attends Tuesday nights.

“I’ve been positive for 31 years,” Morris said. “When I came back with my results positive, I needed to find some kind of support, and they were the support. They still are.”